CoPS : Comprehensive Peptide Signature Database

Institute : Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi
Programming Languages : ASP, HTML, Java, PERL, Javascript
Application Server : IIS Web Server
Database : MS Access
Operating System : MS Windows
Software Tools : Microsoft VSS
Team Size :10
Duration : Oct. 2002 - Jun. 2003


Comprehensive Peptide Signature Database is an extensive database of 3360 signature peptides, varying in length between 8 to 46 amino acids, representing over 300 functional classes. It provides collating information on the mutation effects on these signature peptides from the Protein Mutant Database (PMD) and identifies the peptide signature(s) occurring in a given biochemical pathway. CoPS provides collating information about these signature peptides from other motifs (eg. PROSITE, BLOCKS, PRINTS), domains (eg. ProDom) & family (eg. COGs) databases. The software is used for


Prakash T., Khandelwal M., Dasgupta D., Dash D. and Brahmachari S. K. (2004) CoPS: Comprehensive peptide signature databasea. Bioinformatics, 20(16), 2886-2888.