Imambada, Lucknow

Childhood friends

I always had very limited number of friends. In my early teen age years I had the few friends and at one point of my life I had only one friend. In my childhood most of my friends were girls. I still remember Deepti Vishwakarma who used to stand First in the class most of the times and I was mostly second in the class. There was another girl Manju Lata who used to stand third in the class. Sometimes I and Deepti used to share First position or sometimes I used to share Second position with Manju. [More]

IIT Kanpur Library


This was the golden period of my life. I made a lot of friends in Hostel # 1 in IIT Kanpur. We had a cricket team and we continuously won inter-hostel cricket tournament for consecutive three years. I was staying in Room # 111 in Hostel # 1. and most of the team players were also in the same building and thats how the friendship started. I am still in contact with all my friends through emails and instant messaging. [More]


This is where my career in Bioinformatics started. I got some good friends who were doing research in the field of Bioinformatics. Most of them are doing PhD in Bioinformatics. I initially did a one month project there along with my collegues from IITK. Niraj and Vikash helped me a lot in learning Biology and I helped others in Programming. I worked there for one and half years. My friends Deo Prakash, Santosh Anand and Mukesh Bansal inspired me to come to Europe for research. [More]

UMH Alicante Cafeteria


I have learnt many things after living in Alicante, Spain. I think more one travels to places more one learns and the most important thing which one learns is to adjust and become independent. Here I have been with many good friends who have helped me a lot. Unfortunately initially I faced some problem with the language but now I am comfortable with language also. [More]