I, me, myself

I am Pushker. I worked in Delhi for two years and then I went to Spain where I got opportunity to visit many countries in the world. Later I finished my PhD from UCD, Dublin Ireland. Currently I live in Bangalore, the IT hub of India. [More]


I have five members in my family including me. My father retired from a government job. My mother was a house wife and I loved her a lot. She always respected my decisions and encouraged me to go forward. We are three brothers and I am the eldest one. My youngest brother is working as an Agile Coach in an ecommerce company in Bangalore and the younger one is poet, author, philosopher and social activist. [More]


I was always one of the favourite students of my teachers. Some of them liked me a lot and used to help me a lot. Being one of the toppers in the class, teachers always knew me very well. Even in IITK some of the professors knew me very well. I respect teachers a lot and I feel they are the only one who are superior to one's parents. [More]


I gave tuitions to a lot of students for their High School & Intermediate examinations. I also gave tuitions for many competetive examinations like IIT JEE and CPMT. I used to do all these things in my free time and on weekends. Except Hindi I think I have given tuition atleast once for each subject. I taught Mathematics more than any subject. Some of my students are working in famous software companies. [More]