2006 - PresentGraduate Student (Bioinformatics)
Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland
2001Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Engineering)
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India

Bachelor of Technology

The 4-year B Tech undergraduate programme consists of two parts. The first part is the core programme common to all students and is carefully planned to give the students, a strong base of general education in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, Technical Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The second part of the undergraduate programme consists of the professional courses and a B Tech project in the chosen branch of specialization.

The course structure in the Core curriculum consists of large lecture classes, with tutorial and laboratory sessions in smaller sections. The professional programme is more flexible, with laboratory courses, often separate from lecture classes, and culminating in a project involving the application of modern analysis and design techniques.

Intermediate and High School

Intermediate and High School are of two years duration. The examinations are conducted by Uttar Pradesh Board of Higher Secondary Education, Allahabad. There are a few subjects options which a student can choose. In High School we have Science stream, Arts stream, Commerce stream, Technical stream. In Intermediate, Science stream is divided in two parts, Biology sream and Mathematics stream, so the people wanting their career in engineering opt for Mathematics and people wanting their career in Medicine opt for Biology. Some people who want their career in Accounting choose Commerce.

There are quaterly, half yearly and yearly examinations which are conducted by the concerned school or college. The final examination is in two years which is conducted by UP Board, Allahabad. In High School we have six subjects, for example - Hindi, English, Science, Mathematics, Biology and Social Science. Hindi and Social Science are mandatory for all the streams and all other subjects are chosen depending on the stream. In Intermediate we have only five subjects, for example - Hindi, English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Here one has a lot of options depending on the choice of career.